The objective of this photoshoot was to create a series of images that celebrate the diversity and beauty of LGBTQ relationships, and to create a positive and inclusive visual representation of the LGBTQ community.

Concept: The concept for the photoshoot was to showcase a variety of LGBTQ couples in natural and candid poses, depicting them in a way that is authentic and genuine. The goal was to capture the love and connection between the couples, as well as their individual personalities and styles. Pre-production: In the pre-production phase, the team worked closely with the couples to understand their vision for the photoshoot and to get a sense of their personalities and preferences. The team also scouted locations and selected outfits and props that would complement the couples and the overall aesthetic of the photoshoot. Photoshoot: The photoshoot took place over the course of a full day, with the team capturing a variety of images at multiple locations. The couples were guided through different poses and prompts, and the team encouraged them to be themselves and have fun during the shoot. Post-production: In the post-production phase, the team selected the best images from the photoshoot and edited them to enhance the colors, lighting, and overall aesthetic of the photographs. The team also worked with the couples to select their favorite images and create a final set of photographs that captured the love and diversity of the LGBTQ community. Outcome: The final images from the photoshoot were well-received and shared widely on social media, and the project received positive feedback from both the LGBTQ community and allies. The photoshoot helped to create a more positive and inclusive representation of LGBTQ relationships and helped to celebrate the diversity and beauty of the community. PS. Especially for women. People became more free and, as a result, sometimes irresponsible. Women today are more independent than ever, they don’t need to always count on men. It’s obvious the foundation of the fear of being alone and being tied to a co-dependent relationship is the reason for the lack of self-love. As a result, we love the wrong people, we live with the wrong people. Because we can’t listen to ourselves and are afraid of condemnation. We should accept ourselves and become independent to be happy and be with true love.

Love is inside us and it has no form. Just love.